Monday, May 23, 2011

Monster Librarian Digs Monster and Me


The Monster and Me series just got a new -- and positive! -- review on

Check out the review

And check out Monster Librarian's complete site
HERE. Or follow the informative blog HERE. Lots of recommendations for fun, scary reads -- whether you're a kid or somewhat more adultish. If you're a reader, librarian or teacher you'll find both blog and website informative and helpful.

My favorite part of the review is where the reviewer, Kirsten Kowalewski, mentions why it took her a while to review the series: her kids kidnapped the books for almost a year. Ha! I love that I have fans willing to commit felonies just to read my stories. Is there any higher form of praise?


  1. Congratulations on the positive reviews! It sounds like the Monster series has achieved cult classic.
    Have you got another Monster book planned, or maybe you've started writing about a new character?

  2. Cult status - Cool. I'll take it!

    No new books with Gabby and Dwight in the works at the moment, but if the cult base grows rabid enough, you never know...

    For now, at work on future cult projects.

    Thanks for the congrats and the enthusiasm!