Monday, March 21, 2011

5 Weeks = Rough Rough Draft

The overly-long, unreadable, horrifically-excruciating-to-write First Rough Draft of the new script is done!

Now to the job of creating the first READABLE draft.

A couple more weeks to that happy day.

In the meantime, the world outside my cubby hole has turned vicious over the past couple weeks. If you want to make a donation to help the Quake/Tsunami victims in Japan, iTunes makes it easy. Click on the image below.


If you want to get something for yourself while you're at it, the
New York Dolls just released their newest album: Walking Backwards in High Heels. That's album number 3 from the new New York Dolls - which means there's now more albums from the new New York Dolls than the first New York Dolls. If you don't count compilation, live, or rare track discovery albums. In that case, the new New York Dolls have 738 albums to go before they catch up.

You can check the album out at iTunes by clicking on the album cover below.


Good stuff to help you forget what's going on outside your window.