Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What Do Kids Like To Read? Ask Them.

Number One Question I'm Constantly Asked: How do I get my kids to read?

Obvious answer: Give them books they'll enjoy.

Obvious follow up question: How do I know what my kids will enjoy?

Obvious final answer: Ask them.

In case you don't trust what your kids tell you -- or you want a wider sample -- Renaissance Learning has asked about 6.2 million kids that exact question.

The answers appear in the newest annual report called
What Kids Are Reading: The Book-Reading Habits of Students in American Schools. It includes a section devoted to struggling and/or reluctant readers complete with a list of popular high-low books.

What Kids Reading small

My publisher,
Capstone / Stone Arch Books, is featured prominently in the report. Which makes sense. Their speciality is creating books for kids who think they don't like to read. Books that turn reluctant readers into enthusiastic reading fans.

So download the free report, peruse it with a highlighter, then drop by your local bookstore or library and check out some promising titles.

Or better yet, have your kids do it.

They can treat it like one of those flyers from
Scholastic Book Club. Remember those? Good times.

Arrow Book Club 1

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