Monday, November 29, 2010

Typing Away

Continental typewriter
By Sommeregger

Hello Dear Reader!

Sorry I've been incommunicado for bit of a time slip.

I'm whirling through several projects that will provide more lengthy entertainment for you than a quick, web/diary entry here.

The two optioned scripts are making their way through the funding maze, so my writing partner and I are diving into a new one. Outlining is almost complete and we should start the actual writing in a few weeks.

I've also got some solo projects in various stages of completion -- middle grade, YA and adult. Graphic novel and prose. Enough of a mix to keep things interesting. And busy.

I'm also way behind on a promised comic to a friend with a superhero website. Story done, but my Wacom tablet died on me and I'm having to draw old-school. It ain't pretty. Sorry, Blake. I'll get something semi-comprehensible to you soonishly.

Finally, there was a rumored school visit in the works. Some folks on the East Coast really love Dwight and Gabby and are anxious to have me come do a shindig for their students. I think that's making its way through funding channels too.

So lots of things doin'. I'll keep you posted. And make a solid attempt to make those postings more regular. Ish.