Sunday, August 8, 2010

I've Had A Request!


A friend of mine just found out he'll be teaching three periods of reluctant readers this fall. Not something he was expecting. Or prepared for.

He asked me if it was possible to find a book that a non-reader will actually read. Are there any books so enjoyable a reluctant reader will buzz through it -- then consider reading a
second book?

In short, are there any books that will kick-start a Reading Nuclear Reaction in a kid who hates reading?

My short answer -- Yes!

Longer answer -- each kid is different, so the book that starts that reaction will be different for each kid. Which means filling a library (school, classroom or personal) with as many books as possible in order to reach as many kids as possible.

According to a recent report from Google, there are about 129,864,880 books in the world. That's a lot to choose from.

My friend wondered if I could narrow that down a bit. I said yes.

Then it dawned on me. This is my chance to give my blog the semblance of semi-coherency! At least temporarily.

After all, I know a lot of teachers and parents. Many of them have asked me this very question. Why not post my suggestions here?

So that's what I'll be doing. For the next couple of whiles, but especially over the next few weeks as students start back to school, I'll post titles of various graphic novels and books I recommend to reluctant readers. In fact, I'll tag these entries Reluctant Reader Recommends. That should help anyone who's interested find the entries.

Now if you're thinking
why should I listen to him? I first say, Woo-Hoo! Someone who doesn't know me is reading my blog! At last!

Then I say, OK. If you insist on a Justification Bio, here it is:

In my not-so-distant past, I taught both middle school and high school Language Arts. My specialty was working with reluctant readers. I've also written a few books for Stone Arch Books, a publisher with a reputation for hooking reluctant readers. Basically, I at least know enough about the subject that I was able to help out a panicked friend.

I hope my recommendations prove useful to you as well.

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