Saturday, June 26, 2010

So Long Pete

Just got word that Pete Quaife died. For those unfamiliar, he was the original bassist for The Kinks.

Sad day. But he left us some kick-ass music. RIP.

Trilogy of Tunes:

1. Milk Cow Blues, live

2. Or check out this live performance of "Last of the Steam Powered Trains" and "Picture Book."

3. I Gotta Move, live

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Book's Cover!

The cover for Monster Speller has just been released! Cover only -- the book itself comes out in August.


I'm a big fan of Tom Percivial's art. Notice how Dwight's shirt is reflected in his thick glasses? Nice touch.

Dwight as a brainiac and/or nerdling. I love it.

Here's the descriptive copy from the publisher:

Gabby's pet monster is supposed to compete at the district-wide spelling bee. But how can Dwight be a champion speller when no one understands him? After speech therapy fails, it seems the only answer is an interpreter. But if Vice Principal Burns has anything to say about it, there won't be an interpreter or a monster speller.

What fun! I can't wait to see the complete graphic novel.

I'll let you know when the book is released.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Man -- those black out curtains really work!
I put them up a month ago and woke up today to find I'd Rip-Van-Winkled a month away.

If only that were true. Sleep would be nice, but it doesn't look like I'll have time for it until sometime in September. For now, I'm looking forward to a life brought to you by espresso.

Hard at work on the main project. Spending spare time on a handful of second tier projects.

So while I work, here's a Helpful Household Hint for all my readers who are either felons or deviants: