Monday, May 3, 2010

What Do You Want From Life?

So what's my blog going to be about? Is there a goal -- other than chronicling my meteoric, 40-year rise to the top?

What makes a good blog?

From what I've seen, a blog is a place to tell the world what you think of it. A platform for calling the good great and the bad despicable. No problem. I'm highly opinionated. I can manage that. But is there something more to it?

According to the many blogs on blogging, I should have a niche, a topic, something to say. Above all, be positive. However, a recent article in New Scientist Magazine reported on a study finding the single most important key to blogging success is to post often. The more one writes, the more successful the blog. Regardless of whether you're a happy-go-lucky Mr. Rogers or an angry old man screaming at the neighbor kids to get off your property.

What matters is bulk. The more words you spit out, the more successful you are.

Which I guess applies not just to blogging, but to writing in general. If you want to be a successful writer, you have to spit out the words. The more words you spit, the more you can sell.

Don't get me wrong. Quality spitting is important. But you're only going to reach quality through quantity. Like Strother Martin's character in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He's always spitting tobacco, trying to get that perfect, straight stream. Sometimes it's a misfire and it sprays out or dribbles down his chin. But every third time or so, he gets that straight, clean shot. Bingo!

That's writing. A lot of time spent perfecting your spitting skills. Working your way through those messy misfires on the road to more and more of those perfect straight streams. Bingo!

Which brings me back to the main question -- what exactly will my blog about?

I don't know. But my guess is it will involve a lot of spitting.

Now, on to...

Music Monday

Today's Music: "What Do You Want From Life?" by The Tubes.

One of life's great Getting-To-Know-You Questions is: What was your first concert?

For me, it's The Tubes. Orpheum Theater, Omaha, '79 -- the tipper-most top row in the balcony. And they were LOUD. Like Rock should be. My ears rang for a week. Excellent! I was hooked for life.

Their 80s stuff is great, but I have a real fondness for their more free-flowing songs from the seventies. I'm posting two versions of my favorite Tubes tune: "What Do You Want From Life?"

The sound is better on the first version, but I enjoy the live version most. The live video looks like it was shot from a seat high in the balcony -- so it's like I'm time traveling, peering into my past through the viewfinder of a barely functioning chronoscope.


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