Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Unplugging From the InterTubes

Brief posting today. And then I'm disconnecting the hose that connects me to the InterTubes. Temporarily.

The Internet is a useful tool, but I find it sometimes turns me into a click-happy vegetable. Maybe the Internet really is nothing more than a giant Skinner-esque experiment designed to keep the masses busy clicking their way towards irreparable repetitive stress injuries.

And there you have it. My pathetic attempt to get my blog noticed by the conspiracy theorists out there.

But for those of you interested in how writers use the internet, here's the secret: sometimes we don't. Writing requires isolation from time to time. A stillness and focus of the mind that isn't possible with the constant bombardment of the Internet. So when I have a task requiring focus, I turn off all the software connecting me to the Internet. And since I'm weak, I have another software program called Concentrate. It makes sure I can't simply turn my internet programs back on with a simple click. I'm considering getting yet another program to make sure I can't change the settings on that program. Have I mentioned that many writers suffer from OCD?

So today's focus-necessary task?
Sift through the several projects I'm currently working on and decide which one gets moved to the front burner. As in the primary project. The one that gets focused on and seen through to completion first. I usually juggle several projects at once. I like the way it makes my brain feel. Alive.

It makes me feel like I'm visiting one of those giant Las Vegas buffets. The kind with 10,000 different items of food to choose from. Only instead of food, I'm at the Idea Buffet. In Vegas, you can spend hours moving along, filling up your plate with twelve different entrees and and a growing mound of side dishes. But eventually, you have to take that plate back to your table and eat what's on it. All of it. Because if you don't, you'll feel guilty when you get up to hit the desert line. And you know you're going to hit that desert line -- several times. So you have no choice but to focus on the task at hand. Loosen your belt and eat your way through to a clear table. Then head back to the buffet's desert selection with a clear conscience.

That's the plan. Which I'll get to right after I have something to eat. I'm suddenly hungry.

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