Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another Day Unplugged

Project Whittle continues. Down to 6 most likely. Meaning most itchy -- the projects itching at me the most.

How far do I have to whittle? Didn't Asimov always have a few projects going at the same time?

Constantly writing and making progress. That's what counts. Right?

What's the best way to pick a project when you have several eating away at your brain?

Coin flip? The I Ching?


Call me crass, but cash definitely speeds up my selection process. Throw wads of cash my way and suddenly I've got razor sharp focus. The path is clear!

But I figure I need to keep busy while waiting on that offer of filthy lucre. So I'm unplugging from the net and getting back to The Whittle.

Or better still -- figure I've whittled enough and just dive into writing one of those projects.

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