Friday, March 7, 2014

Heads Up!

In a few weeks, my website and oh-so-terribly-lonely blog will be going into a cyberspace coma. 

It's temporary and self-induced as I try to figure out how to better present the different sides of my professional psyche to the world.

Some of my work is for teens through adults. Specifically, immature-ish people with a warped sense of humor who curse a lot and enjoy a Tarantino-level of violence.

Some of my work is for kids through teens. Specifically, immature-ish people with a warped sense of humor who curse less and are only allowed to watch heavily-edited Tarantino movies on basic cable.

One porthole for both could get confusing.

So perhaps it's time for two sites -- and a pseudonym! Or maybe multiple sites? One for each project? 

Like I said, I'm working on it.

But never fear. I shall return to the Interwebs soon -- better and less irregular than before!

In the meantime, I'll keep in touch through…

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Scout Shout Out

Welcome to the family.
About 9 months old.

Monday, December 5, 2011

I Am Radley

RIP Radley

200? to 2011


Radley survived Hurricane Katrina and cancer, but in the end the one-two punch of Cushing's Disease and Diabetes was too much for him.

Radley died Sunday morning from an adverse reaction to his Cushing's medication and a severe diabetic episode.


He rallied briefly around 5 am, allowing Jamie and me to spend an hour with him.

He was his old self. Talking to us and giving us kisses.

But by the end of the hour he was beginning to get wobbly again.

He laid down beside us, resting his head on Jamie's leg and in my hands.


Within minutes, he was gone.

I first saw Radley on the web. He'd survived Hurricane Katrina and needed someone to adopt him.

Something about him spoke to me.



After six years, something about him still speaks to me.


Being Pet





Radley InNOut

He loved the park. And hated rain.



He was a sweet, good-natured dog who just loved being part of the pack.


He'd stay up all night with Jamie while she worked on her doctorate. Three tough years made easier by greeting the dawn together.


He traveled with us from Texas to Virginia to California.

He was always up for the journey. Always happy to be along for the ride.



Even after cancer surgery, he was a happy dog.


A loving dog.


Mostly he loved Jamie and me.



Thank you, Radley. You were our best friend.


If you knew Radley and would like to share you memories please leave your comment in the section below.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Readable Draft Complete!


Hendriks_kerze bester

My writing partner and I just finished the first readable draft of our latest screenplay.

It's now in the hands of our first readers -- who'll tell us how far we are from
final draft of our latest screenplay.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monster Librarian Digs Monster and Me


The Monster and Me series just got a new -- and positive! -- review on

Check out the review

And check out Monster Librarian's complete site
HERE. Or follow the informative blog HERE. Lots of recommendations for fun, scary reads -- whether you're a kid or somewhat more adultish. If you're a reader, librarian or teacher you'll find both blog and website informative and helpful.

My favorite part of the review is where the reviewer, Kirsten Kowalewski, mentions why it took her a while to review the series: her kids kidnapped the books for almost a year. Ha! I love that I have fans willing to commit felonies just to read my stories. Is there any higher form of praise?

Monday, March 21, 2011

5 Weeks = Rough Rough Draft

The overly-long, unreadable, horrifically-excruciating-to-write First Rough Draft of the new script is done!

Now to the job of creating the first READABLE draft.

A couple more weeks to that happy day.

In the meantime, the world outside my cubby hole has turned vicious over the past couple weeks. If you want to make a donation to help the Quake/Tsunami victims in Japan, iTunes makes it easy. Click on the image below.


If you want to get something for yourself while you're at it, the
New York Dolls just released their newest album: Walking Backwards in High Heels. That's album number 3 from the new New York Dolls - which means there's now more albums from the new New York Dolls than the first New York Dolls. If you don't count compilation, live, or rare track discovery albums. In that case, the new New York Dolls have 738 albums to go before they catch up.

You can check the album out at iTunes by clicking on the album cover below.


Good stuff to help you forget what's going on outside your window.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cool n Crafty Projects To Fight Off Bordeom

One of the reasons I'm proud to be associated with
Capstone? They make some cool shizzle.

Case in point, the newest
Make Stuff pages on their web site.


Afraid you or a loved one might be in danger of becoming bored? Hop over to this web site for project and craft ideas, lessons on folding or drawing things. Learn recipes and magic tricks. While away those hours and have something to show for it!

To get you started, click on a pic below and Voila! Boredom Be Gone!

The classic Aces on Top magic trick.


The Long Ranger paper airplane.


And my personal favorite - Intestines In A Jar!


Wheeeeeee and Yee-ha!